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  About Kim
        Taiwan Kim Chemical Co Ltd. is an individual ownership company which integrates exploitation, innovation, production and trade of adhesive technology. Now our business has spread all over the Southeast Asia and European markets and a wholly owned subsidiary, JinLeDun(HuiZhou) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is established.Since our company established, we take high-tech, high-efficiency, high-service, high-quality, high-integrity and high management as our principle. Our engineers, equipped with rich experience, have produced thousands of adhesive products that are widely used in electronics, toys, gifts, clocks, plastic, metal, furniture, automotive and other industries. At the same time, we can customize different adhesive products with different nature according to clients' needs.
         We devote ourselves to becoming good assistant of developers, excellent adviser of engineers and best friend of purchasers. We do our best to provide customers with efficient, stable and mature products and service and pursue to realize production modernization, hi-tech orientation, user-friendly management and strict quality control.Taking good communication as beginning, excellent service and superior quality as goal, user fist as mission, we are dedicated to providing best service and products to customers from home and abroad.
         Our objectives: 100% qualified product, complains less than 5 annually.Our aim: solving adhesive difficulty for all enterprise and becoming a zero complain company.Our faith: hi-tech, integrity, innovative and user-oriented.

Quality : excellence , standard production process and management processes, to pursuit of perfect quality.
Service : be honest , order customer requirements main, continue to provide products and services to exceed customer's expectations.
Innovation : forge ahead, to the market as the guide, to develop to meet customer demand for products.
Responsibility : lawful operations,to strengthen the enterprise and staff's sense of social responsibility, be conscientious.
Environment : energy conservation, take the national policies and regulations as the dominant,  to achieve zero emissions,zero pollution enterprises.

Enterprise philosophy
Continuous innovation , grow healthily.
The full range of services, competitive advantage.
Excellence , inprove product quality.
Green, to build a better environment.
Customer satisfactin is the purpose of the full-service in Kim Chemistry.

Corporate social responsibility
Establish a quality living environment and create sustainable business philosophy.
Environmental protection : full participation in the implementation of environmental protection activities, carbon reduction, recycling and reuse, continuous improvement.
Health and Safety : Establish a safe, healthy and comfortable environment, and establish commitment to the pursuit of zero occupational accidents.
Regulatory compliance : Compliance with the relevant laws, international agreements and other requirements.
Business ethics : implement a clean operation, prohibiting improper benefits, protection of intellectual property, to ensure proper business conduct.
Employee relations : to respect for employees and relationships, enhance communication channels and employee benefits, labor relations and create a good labor relations.
Social welfare : actively participate in social and cultural activities, contribute social welfare.

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Enterprise enolution
Taiwan Kim Chemistry was established, mainly in the production of epoxy glue AB and anaerobic, served Taiwanese enterprises;
Taiwan Yunlin branch was established, mainly in the production of fast-drying glue 101,102 and acrylic AB glue to serve the civilian market;
Malaysia branch was established, introducted 502 instant adhesive and various types of adhesives in industrial market, serviced in the civil market, German agents PACTAN series of adhesive;
Shenzhen office was established, the company officially entered the mainland market;
JinJiaoLong chemical factory was established in PingShan town Longgang Shenzhen,mainly produced crystal epoxy, AB glue and filling fast rubber;
JinJiaoLong chemical factory passed ISO9000 quality system certification;
JinJiaoLong chemical developped new products formally.Conductive adhesive and high temperature epoxy adhesive , it was a higher level of service to the different needs of enterprises;
Boluo industrial park was set up in Huizhou China;
the industry in Shenzhen moved to chemical industry park 7,Dongsheng Changning town Boluo couty;
JinJiaoLong chemical industry officially renamed to Huizhou JinLeDun Electronics CO., Ltd;
Chongqing branch was established, to service to customers in the Southwest better;
Huizhou factory passed ISO14000 certification;
the Chongqing turnover warehouse JinLeDun New Material Tehnology Co., Ltd.was established;
Lingxiang Electronics Co., Ltd. was established,the company was renamed to JinLeDun Electronics Co., Ltd. Specializing in the production of mechanical watches, dispensing machine, pipeline;
Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai branch and turnover warehouse were esdablished.


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