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Welcome to Kim Chemistry Q & A, where you can learn about Kim chemical consumption or questions of R & D industry, if you have any question, please contact us, we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

How to stick to instant adhesive ?

1.      Anchor hook principle:Fill the glue A over the two,the glue combines with water in the air and turn harden.

2.      Polymeric surface affinity: Cation anionic polymerization,some material has good affinity with water.

Is it the more viscosity,the faster the adhesive ?

No. More thick viscosity slower speed, because increased consistency must add a thickener, and then the speed will affect the tackifier.

Why albino?

Lively glue molecules, scattered around the place before the glue solidified , causing bleaching.

If instant glue points up, is the volume the same after hardening ?

As the case may be, the faster solidification, the less damage. Not more than 0.1% maximum loss.

Why the low whitening light scent?

The longer molecular chain, the molecule is not easy to shed lively, so more tasteless, less bleaching.

Why are there different consistency ?

Usually in response to the size of the gap material, and construction conditions depending on the customer.

Why use A carboxyl but not B carboxyl?

A carboxy is market mainstream products, the speed, strength and taste are good performance than B carboxyl .

May methyl stick stainless steel it ?

Yes. All the metal can use B carboxyl products. B carboxyl is good affinity for the metal than A carboxyl,

Is it the rougher on the surface the better stick ?

Generally yes. But there is a special surface treatment material exceptions or special column.

The PE is used in the bottle of glue,is it because of its bad affinity ?

Yes.PE is a high-density material, airtight.But AL is better than PE.

What is the relationship between the albino and glue ?

The faster ,the weaker albino.

What’s the reasons of why the speed of glue trun slowly ?

Environment, materials, operating practices,and the customer's own requirements Etc.

Why glue shelf life shorter?

Poor storage conditions , direct sunlight , long-term exposure to air , foreign body invasion.

What’s the reason of glue strength deterioration ?

1. Material change ,supplier change.

2 Material size, shape change.

3 Operating environment changes (such as seasonal changes).

4 Paste incomplete, poor adaptation.

The use of instant glue?

55 ~ 80.

What’s the best storage conditions of glue ?

Low temperature (10~15), dry, out of direct sunlight.

What’s the standard test environment ?

No uniform standards.Our R & D is a constant temperature 25 , humidity 70 to 80%.

The standard of S.G.S/ASTM/EN ?

At present, we have SGS / ASTM / EN proof, (ASTM F963-96a, European regulations for the EN-71).

Does the glue has a boiling point ?

Instant glue can not be measured boiling point at 1 atmospheric pressure , because it will be harden, it can be mearured at the atmospheric pressure 6mmHg under 65 .

The specific gravity in 20 ?

Generally speaking,the proportion of instant glue is almost the same as water.

What’s the flash point ?

When the glue turn flash point in the TDS, experiencing fire may burn, but does not spontaneous combustion.

What’s the dielectric ?

The higher the number, the better represent the conductivity.

What’s the oftening point ?

The temperaturer displayed on the TDS of instant glue,which makes the curing glue turn to iquid state and can’t stick. In the room temperature, the glue will be re-curing, but its adhesion will be reduced.

Does it has international common NO. ?

Any chemical res has its own NO.

How to remove instant glue ?

To remove the instant glue with acetone.



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