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High-temperature conductivity

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Two-component,inorganic silicate material,cured stuff is gray-white. Electrically conductive material is silver, heat-resistant temperature is 1220℃.Water resistance,acid resistance, organic solvents resistance,good electrical conductivity.

 Product Performance

Product Number

Physical Condition




Shear Strength

(Ω.cm)Volume Resistivity









-40~1220Application areas

  Application areas
This product apply to the material of heat conductive adhesive in metal, ceramic, glass , as well as electric equipment,electronic complnents of high temperature resistant ,  and electrically and thermally conductive coating.

    Method of use

1.Design and processing adhesive sealing interface.

2.  To treat the adhesiving surface roughly,and then cleaning and decontamination. 

3.Configure glue:Weighing the solid and liquid according to the proportion , mixture and mix thoroughly to a flowable paste ,and use it up in 20 minites.

4.Solidify:To apply the mixed glue to the cleaned object wating to bonded,laminating and positioning.
 Curing procedure
1.Weigh two components,according to the proportion of solid and liquid(3~3.5g: 1ml),mixed. 
2.To apply the mixed glue to the object wating to  bonded.
3.Put it in the room temperature for 12 hours after bonding.
4.Heated to 80 ℃, constant temperature for 2 hours.
5.Heat to 150℃ again,and constant temperature for 2 hours.
6.Slow cooling.
Packing:100g*25/branch   500g*6 set
1、If users require special packaging needs further deliberations.
2、The company has the rights of retaining the best process and changing product specifications in new product development period.
3、Due to unpredictable factors during the actual use , we recommend you try carefully before using the trial ,bulk order after passing quantities.

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